A Paolo is not always a Fuck boy he can be very sweet to his family and his own family friends. He can treat you right in many ways. He is very smart, athletic, funny, and very fun to be with. And yes it’s true that lots of girls would love to be with him. He may be very inappropriate when his with the guys but when his with a girl he knows how to treat a girl he would be kind and respectful to them no matter what, if he sees you being uncomfortable he would stop and even stop the person that is making you uncomfortable. Has a big smile that can light anyone’s world. A Paolo makes you want to see him everyday. He is great at basketball!
by J Anonymous March 16, 2020
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paolo, extreamly hot massive penis and attracts alot of girls, all the girls want to have sex with paolo
omg i wish my penis was long as paolos
by argenty April 21, 2011
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the coolest haitian gangsta every. also good 4 the female body. extremely healthy n satisfying.
ooooh dam gurl i want me some paolo. i feel ya gurl. us gurls need some paolo
by Paolo5230 November 22, 2006
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Paolo is a bit retarded, but he has a very warm and nice personality. Sometimes you wonder if Paolo is joking he is being so dumb, but he definitely has times where he surprises everyone and is smart. If your name is Paolo you definitely get 1000 of chicks and you definitely are a 10/10. If you are a Paolo and reading this just know that you are super sexy and abuse the power of being a Paolo.
You are being such a paolo

This is used when someone is acting retarded
by daddy beef curry June 16, 2021
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Lasagna, spaghetti, macaroni, pasta, fagatini, or anything else Italian!
Paolo! You are always late you lazy Italian!
by goobernaught March 24, 2006
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The term 'paolo' refers to an act in which a man steals another mans girlfriend/wife. It is possible for a girl to paolo another girl (steal her man), but the term originates from the previous definition.
Person 1: Teresa has a new boyfriend? What happened to her old one?
Person 2: He totally got paolo'd!
Person 1: Damn son, her new boyfriend is ruthless!
by prestonia July 3, 2012
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Paolo’s are generally super cute looking italian boys who are well know for their striking looks.. they are extremely kind and down to earth although they sometimes are overcome by jealousy. They always want to be the best.
Omg, that guy is so cute.. 100% his name is Paolo!!
by kingdictionary December 15, 2019
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