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The greatest puppy dog to live on this planet or any planet anywhere at any given time in any plane of existence or alternate dimension.
Nothing is as good as Milo!
by Terrorontor November 06, 2011
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The guy that most girls will use or cheat on. Most girls will take advantage of how sweet Milo is. He is also the best guy you could ever meet. He is sweet and always there for you. Milo will never cheat on you, use you, or first with other girls. You have nothing to worry about when you're with Milo. He usually lives death core, metal, Christian screamo, and rock music.

Milo is one of the sweetest guys you'll meet. He is always there.for you, loves you and won't ever leave you. Not only does he have a heart bigger than anything, he's smart and mature. He doesn't lead you on and tease you. He knows how to be a gentlemen ams not hurt anyone. He is loyal, respectful, and trustworthy. You can tell him all your problems and no one else will know about them.
Girl #1: "I was dating Milo, but he was too nice and sweet so I cheated on him with Andrew.

Girl #2: " ever since the break up with Justin, Milo has been there for me. "

Girl #3: "Milo is the sweetest!! I love him so much
by xxthatemogirlxx October 14, 2014
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Always strange, and can be a bit stalkerish with their lover. You say weirdo, but I say amazing. He loves you til the very end, and will always take care of you. Hes a friend you need. And a boyfriend you want.
by zLoserCakez April 06, 2011
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Nestle Milo is a chocolate malt drink popular in Australia.

I bought some at a specialty market and it's yummy!
Figure.10: "Whatcha' doin'?"

K3kyle: "Drinkin' Milo"

Figure.10: "Me too!" *slurps*
by Figure.10 June 26, 2009
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Milos is the southwesternmost island of the Cyclades Archipelago in the Aegean sea, in Greece.

Milos is called "the island of lovers" because the famous statue Venus de Milo (Aphrodite of Milos) the ancient Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty was discovered in the island in 1820, and because it is the vacation destination of thousands of young (as well as not so young) couples, or young lovers, each year. As the discovery site of the famous statue, Milos also justifiably claims the title "island of Venus".

Milos is sometimes also called the "island of colors", due to the fascinating color formations of its spectacular volcanic landscape.
Milos, the island of Lovers. Milos, the island of colors. Milos is for Lovers. We'll be going to Milos for our family vacation next June.
by Andreas Belivanakis March 30, 2007
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A person who is really hot and is really good with the ladies. And is a Pimp. He is way cooler then all of his friends
Omg I wish I could be like Milos
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