Lance Stachowiak

The biggest simp in the group. This man simps over girls so hard and gets cooked about it on the daily. But will never admit he's a simp.
Look at that simp ass nigga Lance! Sarina left him and now he’s begging maya to kiss him. What a fucking simp.
by ajxx1017 November 24, 2019
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A cyber cuck, A person who donates large amount of money to online whores without talent. they eat their own cum when the online whores bend over or something. mostly pedophiles and fat zit infested teenagers that hasn't seen any pussy in their life, probably stole their moms credit card. They think they would have a chance to date said whore online if they donate large amount of money to said whores. Unknowingly to the simp, the whores husband or boyfriend is fucking her saggy vagina.
Simp: SaggyVag22 I love your stream here is 2k$ I hope to date you someday.
SaggyVag22: Thank you so much!! *bends over*
Simp: I'mmmmmmm Coooomminggg!!!!!!
by PussyBoxer August 27, 2020
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A word that’s over used and was supposed to be cool until all these lil ass kids started using it, they think just bc u like a girl your a simp, smh. And no racist shii but it’s mostly lil white kids saying it 👎🏽
Person: that girl over there fine asf
Lil kid: SIMP
Person2: boy if you don’t sit yo lil ass down,u get no bitches nigga
by Johnson from New Jersey April 14, 2020
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- Hina stopped living her life for Natsuo. No boyfriend, no career, just delivers him food while he fucks her sister.
- She's full of love.
- No, she's a simp.
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A Simp is someone who is overly nice to women with the goal to get in a relationship with them even if it means ditching his best friends. They usually never get any women tho.
Dude 1:Jack won’t stop talking to the girls and he doesn’t hang out with the boys.

Dude 2: He is a simp
by Dog shampoo March 22, 2020
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A man who puts hoes before bros, would do anything for some pussy but never gets past a handy. You have definitely seen a simp in action.
yooo, ethan baird is simping hard as right now bro
by SimpGANG April 13, 2020
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