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Basic form of verb: a form of a verb with no reference to a specific tense, person, or subject.

In English, an infinitive is usually preceded by the word "to," e.g., "to see."
by Jafje September 01, 2007
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To the above definitions not much can be added, except for this usage point: To, and I can't emphasize this enough, split an infinitive is considered to truly be bad grammar by many of the same people who think a preposition is a bad thing to incautiously end a sentence with.
Despite repeated admonitions by close friends and associates, the author continues to routinely split his infinitives. To someday learn to do otherwise is in many ways becoming an important thing to focus on learning to finally do.
by The Jive Chemist December 11, 2007
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a verb phrase using the word "to". "to be", "to hold", "to keep", "to have". Unfortunately, many people who use put a verb in the past tense and then begin their definition using the infinitive.
An infinitive is a word used to express the verb without saying who is doing the action.
by Ex Hoc November 19, 2005
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