A very cute and especially bubbly girl. A lot of her friends don't know her great talent and passion. She is mostly shy and has only told one person about a great, sad and life-changing moment in her life. Often thinks of herself as worse than others but doesn't show it. Sarina doesn't know how amazing she actually is and that her "life-changing moment" should be told as it will help like it helped me.
Friend: Hey what is Sarina's biggest secret? You must tell someone here before you leave the school!
Me: Nah, Sarina would never tell my biggest secret so I won't tell hers. Sorry!
by Skate105 January 9, 2014
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Too beautiful, smart, funny and hot mentally and physically for the internet.
Omg Sarina is such a beautiful, smart, cute, funny, sweet, bubbly, nice, grateful, talented, open-minded .............. ERROR INTERNET IMPLODED
by McDonunicorns December 2, 2014
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Sarina is a beautiful princess, she's a beauty inside and out. Her ethnicity is usually Italian, Middle Eastern and Asian. She will get too enthusiastic about things at times but it's out of passion. She is usually a brunette with green or hazel eyes. She has curves for days but is also very healthy. She always keeps your secret safe and is the best friend you could ever find because she's not afraid to stand up for you. Sarinas always try their best to do better and be better. They are especially attracted to black, white and Latinos. Even though she seems a book worm on the start she is mind blowing and really dirty in bed. Don't ever let a sarina go cause you won't find one like her
Damn that chick sarina isn't afraid to find a hoe, that's hot.
by Jake73847 June 24, 2017
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Sarina is a beautiful girl. She is very smart and sweet. Sarina will only fall for a guy that loves her very much. She’s very picky about everything and very stubborn about anything that gets in her way. Sarina can make dumb choices and hurt people she loves but if she loves you then never hurt her. Sarina is an amazing girl in a relationship. She loves cuddling and kissing. All in all Sarina is amazing, stubborn, picky, annoying to those who she loves, and very very special
Guy 1: is that Sarina and her boyfriend

Guy 2: yeah omg he’s so lucky to have her
by lol nobodyknowsme March 11, 2019
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Sarina is a beauty inside and out. She is the most caring and generous person ever. She is very attractive and will give the one she loves the world. She is amazing in bed. She is hated on by so many because she's the ultimate women and her potential is abundant. She is an angel a goddess and a queen.
Did you see that girl Sarina , she's wifey material !
by Onebosslady March 14, 2017
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A beautiful girl that will only settle for the right person. Absolutely perfect in her looks but is loyal and is not any kind of slag which is common for girls who are next level pretty. She has a great personality that is likeable by anyone but has her little attitude as well, nothing to worry about though as she’s nice to you if you’re nice to her. To sum her up is extremely hard as she has many many many positives abt her and barely any negatives but she she is an extremely pretty girl, who is worth your time and hard to get so if you are the lucky guy then cherish her as you’ll never find anyone like her...
Omg look at that girl! I want to be like her she reminds me of a Sarina!!!
by itwasntme786 November 18, 2018
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Sarina is a very outgoing girl.She loves to go shopping and she’s absolutely beautiful and amazing.Shes very nice and she’ll always be there for you when your sad but don’t take her for granted or you will loose her.If you don’t have a Sarina in your life you better pray to have one.
Love you Sarina
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Me:hey do you know a girl named Sarina
Me:well that’s too bad because she’s the bestest friend you could ever find
by Lol sarah May 22, 2019
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