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Mindlessly agreeing with someone of higher importance without demonstrating any independent thought. Basically a poor attempt try to suck up to your boss or follow the leader.
Boss: I'm amazing, aren't I?
Nick: Mhm, that's right.
Niall: Nick's silking again.
by Merjan October 18, 2017
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When the penis is inserted into the vagina and is not thrusted in and out, it just stays in soaking up all the juices. In which the penis becomes smooth like silk.

A usual practise by many who claim to abstain from sexual intercourse till marriage but are horny af. They claim it's not real sex unless inserting in and out with speed is involved.
"No need to moisturize your dick, silking will do the trick".

Lad 1: "oi bro, didn't you say you were waiting till you're married before having sex?"
Lad 2: "silking doesn't count bro"
by WillyG198 August 22, 2019
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