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Phonetic: Sh-toh-z

1. Lame, not trendy, sour, made in Guam. A term colloquially used to describe an uneducated or unenlightened colleague, or a member of a foreign country who has recently emigrated to the local country (a westernized society).
2. Member of a social equality party.
3. Fuzzy and/or unclean underarm hair.

Extensions: Shtozzy, Shtozzes, Shtozism, Shtoztic.

synonyms: dodgy, breakable, piss-weak, filthy.

antonyms: shvez.
Collective Noun: Gaggle. i.e. "A gaggle of shtozzes"
Example of usage: "I do not wish to read your propaganda filth, you dirty Shtoz".
by Shtozzy September 27, 2012
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