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an unwanted herpie sack that you find when your fingering someone or something
" I found some shnozberries in my girl friend last night so i ate it."
by the nignug January 10, 2009
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A Bay Area slang for the everyone's favorite prescription drug to abuse, Oxycontin. Shnoz, because you powder it up and rail it up your shnoz, and berry, because an OC80 is small, blue, and sweet (not in taste, but in effect) like a luscious little berry.
--Lets get some shnozberry and snort it until we are numb to life.

--Shnozberry is very potent and enjoyable, but if you do it too much you will become a junky.
by ShnozMassa October 29, 2009
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the snot that gets on the wall of the police car when your in the back, and it taste like shnozberries when you lick it. (if youve seen super troopers you'll know what i'm talkin about)
Hey man, these schnozberries taste like schnozberries!
by Kalyn April 03, 2004
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