Hair extensions are made from a range of human and synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers include Kanekalon and Toyokalon, and can differ from brand to brand. Synthetic hair in general is less expensive than human hair, and is available in a wide array of colors and textures, from natural to extraordinary. Human hair is available in many different grades, and is usually advertised by ethnic origin; India, China and other Asian countries are the top suppliers for 'virgin', or unprocessed hair. Eastern European countries are the source of 'Caucasian' hair.
Hair extensions are mostly seen on 'scenesters'.
by angieellymarie July 24, 2008
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Extense - the wrong way to spell Extenze
Customer : hello I'm looking to buy a drug called Extense .

Drug pharmacy clerk : ...... I think you're looking

For Extenze with a Z not extense with a S .
by Blu_leef July 8, 2023
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Ultimate satisfaction or accordance in reference to an action or statement.
girlfriend: "I have decided to get a breast enlargement and take a vow of silence"

guy: "That's extensive"
by G-Vak December 10, 2004
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a fancy way for people to say "weave"
girl one- "i payed $300 on these extensions"

girl two- "you mean on them nappy tracks?!?"
by wouldn't you like to know (; October 4, 2008
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We will need to seek extensive research on our project.
by Bwyse December 16, 2016
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when someone chubbys stomach extends over his or her belt
Adam "Have you seen brandon with no shirt?"

Ben "Yeah hes got such an extension"

Adam "I know it goes out like two inches"
by kyky7 February 26, 2011
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The quality of tape measure that makes it fun to play with, especially metallic tape measure.
Stew's extensive new tape measure kept him up all night, seeing how far he could extend the line before it went limp.
by Nonbasst July 11, 2008
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