Its a Go Hard Attitude with a Conquer All Mentality
Surfing while catching the most amazing wave. Skating and doing the most amazing tricks. Snowboarding and shredding like you've never shred before
by Shred Industries April 27, 2014
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1. To 'slide' on a skateboard, often in a fashion which damages the surface used to slide.

2. To skate, snowboard, surf or BMX aggressively.

3. A form of longboard surfing which breaks the wave being 'shredded'
Where shall we shred? Tim totally shredded that last run. "SHRED IT!" - vocalised as an encouragement.
by foxydragon November 14, 2006
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The act of playing fast on a guitar. It can be done with grace, anger, and ownageness
by Doug April 13, 2004
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To shred is to snowboard down a mountain in absolute style. Carving, bombing and just absolutely destroying the pow. Chuckin roosts is a favorite by most shredders.

Shredders don't give a fuck, They have any answer for every question, answers usually consisting of "fuck it lets shred' and "Do you even roost?".

Skiiers DO NOT shred

Shredology is the study of shredding, It can be learnt only on the mountain, and taught by very few.
Imigration officer: "So why do you come to Japan?"
Shredder: " Oh you know just to shred pow and shit its gunna be fukn siik ayy!"
Imigration Officer: " Shre-do Pow-do?"
by Powderpuppy December 10, 2013
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Means anything you want it to mean, it is purely a contextual word. Refer to the "Squanch People" from Rick and Morty
Jon: Hey man you're looking pretty shred today.
JapainTrain: Don't shred me you asshole.
Jon: I wasn't shredding you, you mother shredder.
JapainTrain: Shred lightly my friend...
by JapainTrain April 25, 2017
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Shred (V.)
To cut, slice, chop or carve a path or line through snow, surf, skate park or any kind of trail. The term shred does NOT extend to sky diving, hang gliding, wing suit flying, or motor sports of any kind. Shred can also be used to discribe injuries inflicted while participating in an extreme sport.
Skier 1: Dude! I'm gonna send that cliff.

Skier 2: Shred it hard bro!

Biker 1: Wanna shred some trail today?

Biker 2: Can't, I need a new front disk, remember...

Surfer 1: High tide in an hour, wanna surf?

Surfer 2: let's shred some curl!

Skater: Dude I shredded my face on that quarter pipe!

Friend: I can tell...
by Proveyourpoint April 16, 2014
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To wail upon a guitar...Hard.

To say that a Metal band is totally righteous.
Dude, the emaciated blonde lead guitarist from Manowar can totally shred!
by Sky Puncher August 18, 2006
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