Conquering is the art of masturbating in unusual places. To conquer an area one must blow thier load while masturbating there. The area is only conquered if orgasm was reached.
Person 1: "Yesterday I conquered the front office at school"
Person 2: "Yeah well I conquered your bedroom while you were sleeping the other night"
by Lee T September 08, 2005
Get a Conquer mug for your daughter-in-law Jovana. take control of a country or city and its people by force defeat sb, especially in a competition,race,etc. succeed in dealing with or controling sth become very popular or successful in a place
1."The Normans conquered England in 1066."

2."The world champion conquered yet another challenger last night."

3."The only way to conquer a fear is face it."

4."The band is now setting out to conquer the world."
by Twigy April 11, 2009
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1. "To defeat or subdue by force" ;)
2. To get with someone.
3. To participate in any sexual acts with somebody.
Conquerer: Yo, I totally conquered that shit last night!!!!
Guy: Shit, son! That bitch is hooottt!
by Flashley April 10, 2006
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The act of cuming on another's face.
It was crazy, you poon, I totally conquered Lucia last night...
by Jarito February 08, 2006
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V. To have been defeated by alcohol/tiredness.
Mate, you look conquered, was it a late one last night?
'Would you like another pint?'. 'No thanks, i'm conquered'
by Wixon October 17, 2007
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v. defeated by liquor - normally expressed at height of hangover and tiredness
"He looked conquered after last night's lock-in"
"Would you like another? No i'm completely conquered"
by Wixon October 08, 2007
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A game series made by westwood studios. There have been several made already and more in devolpment.
by Aut January 23, 2003
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