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Shredology is quite simply the Study of Shredding, or as some people call it, MAD sk8 boarding skill.

Shredology is used in popular phrases heard in many popular films. Here are some prime examples

Spider-man 2: "That dude is a master of shredology"-An "interview" with a civillian.

The strangers: "I like shredology"- The main character

Braveheart: "Aye, that man's an expert in shredology"- A highlander talking about Mel Gibson.

The Dark Knight: "Lamboghini"- Albert

The Matrix: "Take the red pill, and you will be a master of shredology"- Morpheus, Trying to convince Keanu to take the red pill

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: "Gollum is his name...A real doctor of shredology"- Gandalf, Warning Frodo about Gollum.

IM A DOCTOR OF SHREDOLOGY - An easy way to call yourself a doctor
by The Dark schedrrer October 17, 2008
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