High tide means a person who is too cool to walk on the pavement.

Usually they will drive on a motorbike or any vehicle.
Random STAY: have you heard that new song by Bang Chan and Lee Know called drive? Wasnt it about seggs?

Educated STAY: ah nah dude it is them expressing how they much rather not walk!

Random STAY: I understand now, I don't need to worry now. Imma take a high tide too!!!
by LOCAL STAY POLICE July 04, 2021
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The act of smoking weed and then going boogie boarding, because surfing requires too much focus
Guy 1: Hey bro want to get some high tide?
Guy 2: fersuredo
by Ramsheadband August 01, 2016
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When you take a massive shit and clogg the toilet and the water is above normal level.
The upstairs bathroom is in high tide so use the downstairs one.
by Abu Stalin March 24, 2005
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When a (preferably hot) chick sits down on a bench, chair, etc. and her thong or g-string can be seen above the top of her jeans.
David: Woah, that chick has high tide.

Jeremy: Yeah, dude it's so freakin' hott.
by A. Hall March 11, 2009
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when your higher than stoned, smacked, blazed, and even to' up.
Josh: dude we're high tide

NATHAN: Fo' Right!
by Josh and Nathan November 27, 2004
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