A sexual act in which someone hangs upside down on a sex swing (akin to a trapeze) whilst preforming oral sex on a standing person.
I was hang gliding last night when I fell, hit my head, and bit my partner's dick off.
by Dick Rider 69 June 24, 2019
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Performing sexual acts while the female is hanging from the shower rod.
Hang Gliding. The female places both hands on the shower rod and both feet on the back wall while receiving oral from the male or the male standing against the wall in between her legs having sexual intercourse.
by vapors April 16, 2014
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dick riding , pole jocking, brown nose or in other words they are hanging on to another nigga nutz. When you agree to everything somebody else says all the time, you are hanggliding on their nuts. You have two hands on their balls, one leg down and one leg up therefore giving the appearance of a hang glider.

You hang gliding all on that nigga's nuts.
by Huey Raguan March 08, 2008
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Masturbating; just with an exotic name that makes you sound like a dick.
Flab: Hey, where's Jiggy?

Cheese: Probably hang gliding over Russia.

Flab: Good call, you douchebag.
by FlabCaptain February 23, 2010
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Slang for the clitoris, due to the fact that the entire organ looks like a streamlined penis, the kind used in hang gliding.
I looked at a diagram of a clit and it looks like a Hang Gliding Wiener.
by Satan Trump May 13, 2018
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