A modern guitar virtuoso. One of the most talented guitar players to date, he is world renown for his ability to play nearly any style and excell beyond most all of his peers. After teaching himself to play, and attending Berkley College of Music, he took a few lessons from fellow guitar playing great Joe Satriani. Vai in the 80's played around, never settling and playing for one band at length, his more notable bands were that of Frank Zappa and Whitesnake. In the late 80's he went solo producing many groundbreaking instrumental albums displaying his talent on guitar, and later album his vocals as well. He is often thought to have an outlandish and undisirable style (although his style is never very consistant), and is thought to be annoying to more close minded listeners. He is not very known outside the guitarist community, mostly because instrumental guitarists arent well recieved. He is however, a very good musician and is worth picking up a record of his to listen to.
I went to pick up Steve Vai's record, Passion and Warfare, and it was very good!
by Eric the Redder August 12, 2005
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Very talented and fast person.
Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Yngwie Malmsteen are on different levels, but its not about speed. Its ABOUT THE FRIGGIN SOUND!!!!!
by SexManiacOnARoll August 31, 2004
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Steve Vai is a guitar player who is both extremely creative and technically proficient. I personally consider him to be the most creative guitarist that's not retired/dead.

He used to tour with Frank Zappa and currently tours with Joe Satriani on G3.
"The 7th Song" is my favorite Steve Vai album
by bryan18 August 15, 2005
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An awesome guitarist he plays extremely fast and Joe Satriani teached him how to play guitar
by John Fru June 12, 2004
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he is jus the greatest guitarist there is thats all u av to say
by satan 666 August 29, 2005
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The best guitatest in the world( he did get lessons from satriani, its on his site), idc what all you music dumbasses think about malmsteen, eddie van hallen, etc cuz they all suck weiner.
I felt like steve vai for a second while I was playing my guitar,
by Matt Kolb January 16, 2006
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