A person having a striking appearance or style, typically by being excessively bright, colourful, or ostentatious.
Wow! look at this guy, he's so showy with his nice expensive car and clothes.
by thegoudguy June 11, 2020
Thats a ShOwie
You just pulled a ShOwie
by CGForumz December 9, 2008
pretentious, egotistic, redneck, good ol' boy, flashy
that showy redneck is a cocky loser
by eazy-x February 8, 2008
When a woman's labia are enlarged and protruding from her vagina
Tina had a showy pussy. It looked like a roast beef sandwhich, so I chewed on it.
by AceMan10 September 22, 2017
A person who claims their success and good fortune come about because of their spiritual beliefs but in reality it came about because of the hard work of their partner.
She is such a Showy Tammy, if not for her hard working Husband she would have nothing.
by Frank Handle January 20, 2023
to go take a shower.

Friend: Hey man imma showie.

Me: Okay.
use this when you want to go take a shower.
hey i’m gonna go showie.
ok bro.
by YeeterPeeter.sc January 4, 2022
a little shitty youtuber who makes minecraft and "COUGH" roblox videos on his yt channel
by discorsdtaff December 5, 2017