When you glue toe/finger nail clippings to the tip of one's penis to make it resemble a shovel. After this is done, proceed to anal sex with your partner and attempt to "shovel" out nuggets of poop.
Christine has been saving a lot of money on toilet paper even since Robby starting shoveling her.

My prostate exam felt like I was getting shoveled.
by Terry Taint May 9, 2012
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a verb to be shoveled,to shovel
damn girl, you need to get shoveled!
by kali, motha bitch August 2, 2008
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*You see a fat chick walking down the street*
Joe: Id hit that...
James: ..With a shovel.
by James hartleyyyyy October 20, 2007
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The person in a group of friends - typically when the group is eating pizza or any similar food - who decides to reach for the dipping sauce with the slice, and in turn pulls the dip entirely out of your ability to reach for it.
Joey: "Jordan, if I'm already completely wasted, why the hell would you shovel the garlic dip out of my range of reach?!"
Jordan: "Damn son, sorry for being a shoveler."
by Joey Steel September 12, 2009
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The male version of hoe. A clumsy player who gets no respect.
Ron is such a shovel. Cindy and Bev would have both ditched him if they weren't hoes themselves.
by Shard November 3, 2005
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what the revolution will be fought with after the liberals take away our guns
it's either that or dig a hole and lay down in it and die
by (D) own with globalism September 9, 2004
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To bullshit. (to shovel the shit)
When he said he won the lottery, I knew he was shoveling.
by DJM February 26, 2004
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