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When one has to attempt to have fun with their friends with the absence of drugs, alcohol, or partying of any kind.

Often watching a movie or playing a video game with their friend.
Man I don't have a way to go anywhere. The bros and I are just playing Call of Duty. Having some PG fun.
by c0dester July 6, 2011
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Something that is a teeterheckle is almost like something being a pickle. A teeterheckle is a situation you would like to avoid because of disgusting reasons.
Dad is making liver tonight. Smells like he burnt it really bad.

Again? Well ain't that a teeterheckle.
by c0dester July 1, 2010
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When one's face is deformed in an odd manner, giving the impression that they were hit in the face repeatedly with a shovel causing such a strange face shape or appearance.
Have you seen that girl with the crooked teeth and messed up jaw? And he nose like bends to the right a little?

Yeah, she looks like she was taken to her backyard and shoveled to the face a few times as a kid.

Yeah, she's definitely a shovel!
by c0dester July 13, 2011
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