A Man who eats alot of food and also this friends food if he gets the chance
Brad: Damn the foods filled me up....
Richard:Well I'll have that then....
Brad: Your such A shovel Richard
by Richard Collard July 20, 2008
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"so me and Ace were shoveling so hard last night"
by RiaKitti April 4, 2013
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The act of spooning as enacted by fatasses.
Dude, I just walked in on your fatass parents shovelling!
by AsstootObservations December 4, 2010
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Most people say shoveling is illegal, but rapists don't see why hobbies are banned by the government.
by RITM March 20, 2008
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One who, without consciousness of doing so, holds a spoon or fork in their hand in a manner that resembles holding a bike handle, and proceeds to shovel the food into their face as if they were a caveman.
Nothing aggravates me more than seeing a shoveler in a nice restaurant.
by Flipcyde96 August 11, 2005
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Euphemism for "ho" (aka whore)
Pomai is a shovel
by Jenny October 16, 2003
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