a person who will constantly tell anyone shorter than them that they are short. The anti-step-stool user and a total dick
Person 1 - hey could you get that for me
Tall person - omg you can’t reach it you’re so short Jesus you’re practically a midget. Bro get some inches on them legs you’re so short on god bro.
by I thought this name was taken December 25, 2019
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Someone who is large in height, above 6 foot tall, for example.
I've always wished to be a tall person!
by trampguy January 18, 2018
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A hug from a tall person. Tall person hugs are the best kind of hug especially if your bff is tall!
Lola gave Mela a tall person hug!

Mela had to stand on a bench in the courtyard to give Lola a tall person hug.
by No name please October 20, 2019
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When a person seems tall online and on social media but is short in real life

“She looks tall on her instagram”
“No way your only 5’0”
“I didn’t realize how short you were you seemed taller

“Yeah I guess I just have tall person energy
by NeelG March 25, 2019
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National Tall Person Day.

November 14th

Do you always complain about being short? At least you don't have to worry about hitting your head on branches. On this day, make your tall friend bring their head down and give them a nice pat on the head, they deserve it. Might as well hand them 5$ for their troubles
Hey tall guy, how's the weather up there? Oh, it's National Tall Person Day? My bad, sorry dude.
by littlegreenBeans September 04, 2020
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On the 30th of november is Slap a tall person day is a day where all people especially tall, are required to allow average height and shorter people to slap them throughout the day. If a tall person rebels or retaliate (such as slapping back) they are required to send a love poem to their crush or allow people to expose any secrets about them regardless to any actions taken beforehand to prevent this.
"All these tall people are so annoying slapping me all the time"

"Bro its slap a tall person day you can slap them back or expose them"
by AttackOfTheAverageHeight November 20, 2020
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