another word to call white people in front of them without them knowin
Black person 1: man tall people get on my nerves they try to run everything!
Black Person 2: I know, that shit is gettin to me kwik!
White Person(thinking)--->they're both about 6foot!
by Ms. Muffet May 31, 2005
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Real tall people (6 foot or taller)
when there younger get teased sometimes because of their lenght and lankiness. But let me tell you this tall people have a great presence in see a tall guy comming in a room YOU NOTICE. tall people will rule the world because they are born leaders, there good at basketball, they have big penises, when a tall guy wants to beat you better run son cause hes gonna fuck you up. Tall people end up with hot supermodels when they grow up.
-Hey look at that tall guy, yeh hes a great guy he can reach that can on the top shelf.

by Joe Hard May 25, 2005
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Tall people love swallowing others whole, they think it is funny to step on migets. They are superior and everyone bows down to them. If they dont, they get eaten alive :).
Short person: PLZ dont eat me!!
Tall Person: *Steps on them* Yum Dinner
Tall people will eat anyone they dont like
by Tall_People_Rule December 5, 2021
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On the 29th of October it’s national tall people day. The day the SHORT people get to bully tall people back :) on this day the short people get to kick or punch the tall people :)).
You: *kicks*
Them: what was that for

You: haha it’s tall people day
by Como estás¿ October 21, 2019
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Tall people are assholes whenever they poke fun at someone’s height, especially if it’s towards someone shorter to then. This term is used by said “short people” because they need an outlet to tell tall people to fuck off.
Fuck tall people trying to step all over me cuz I’m 5’3 or whatever. I have my rights.”
by eoicepic October 4, 2022
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March 2nd, the exact opposite of Sept. 2nd (aka short people day.) On tall people day, anyone over 5'9" gets $5.
P. 1: oh wow, on Sept. 2nd I got $5 because it was short people day! Bet that must suck for you, seeing as how you're tall.

P. 2: oh, you must not have heard of tall person day! March 2nd, 6 months after Sept. 2nd, is Tall People Day! Tall people get $5!

P. 1: I hadn't heard of that! How interesting!
by TakeThatAutumn September 3, 2021
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Anybody shorter than you is short. Is to be paired with Tall People Rule #3 to freely bully kids
According to Tall People Rule #11, you’re short
by SomeRandomDude11 December 12, 2019
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