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The Shore School, also commonly known as the Sydney Church of England Grammar School, is a Private Anglican day and boarding school for boys, located in the lower North Shore of Sydney, Australia.

99% of boys at this school are of white/ Anglo descent. The only ethnics at the school are most probably on scholarship.

Shore School is a founding member of the GPS and is widely known for their strong performance in sports, especially that of rowing.

Shore School is viewed as one of the most elite and prestigious schools in Australia and also boasts some of the best facilities of any school in the world.

The value/policy at Shore School, is that they don't lose. Ever. Recently the school purchased the last Victorian Estate (Graythwaite) located on the North Shore for $42.9 Million, despite great protest and negative publicity. Furthermore, Newington upgraded their Grandstand, so Shore spent $10 million on redeveloping their own grandstand located in NorthBridge.

Most Day-Students live in The North Shore or sometimes Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Shore boys have an informal reputation for being arrogant, Rich, Upper class, snobby, however this is simply a stereotype others form because of their "never lose" policy, as well as jealousy.

Random 1: Hey what School did you go to?

Shore Boy: I went to Shore School.

Random1: DAYUMM You're rich!

Shore Boy: It's good to have land.

Waiter at restaurant: I'm sorry, we're full tonight.

Shore Boy: Excuse me? If my FATHER found out, he wouldn't be very happy would he?

Waiter: Oh look, a reservation just opened up!
*Customer gets kicked out*
by GPS Boy September 21, 2012
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