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The school that no one likes. The term shore boys is used most commonly to describe an absolute dickhead that no-one likes. These Shore will not shut up about how they won Head of the River (Rowing race in the GPS). If you ever see or hear about a shore boy leave that situation as soon as possible.
Person 1 "Hey, what school did you go too"
Person 2 " I am a Shore Boy"
Person 1 "Oh, you must be a fucken cunt then"
Person 2 "My Daddy will sue you"
by unknown5656576 April 09, 2019
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
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An all round fantastic bloke who is so humble, kind, and respectful that it's hard to understand why they wouldn't be everyone's favourite person on the whole planet. Get yourself a Shore boy ladies xx
Person 1: Shore sucks
Person 2: You're just saying that because you're jealous and all Shore boys are clearly superior to you in every way
Person 1: Yeah, you're right. I just wish I was as good as those Shore boys.
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by surely not November 06, 2019
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are the most arrogant prestige faggots, in the whole GPS if not the world. a perfect example of this is the head master, the staff the boys the parnets friends neighbours dog, even thinks it is better then every other human. apart from the fact they have a no lose pollices they ask for donations. they need to be the best, newignton upgrades there grandstand so shore thinks they will buy one for 40 million dollars, a small sum of money. 99% of the population at shore are white arrogants snobs, and 50% of that population are known gays and the other 30% of that population know there gay. then there is the 1% pg non- white students, who, are most likely on scholar ships as there, happens to be an aboriginal scholar ship that only white students recieve so the arogant faggot of a school can say they are better then everyone else and except everyone, being the reason the rich parents should then send the son to for 240,000 just to claim they are the best, and become part of a elite group of faggots.

if you have ever gone to shore and graduated your scum, however any person that has left the school, before they become great faggots for good, your still gay, and you should be congradulated, on having sex with your dog.
normal guy: hey what school did you go to?
shore faggot: i went to shore on the north shore,

normal guy: oh really i know hat school i went to moman high
shore faggot: sorry daddy, said i could not associate with public school kids, leave my presence.

view boy: let make a chant for footy
shore boys: lets just steal the other schools chant because they will, sound better coming from us, our voices are of the higher soprano.
by gps king September 01, 2013
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