Short for Working Man, it is also usually accompanied by making the symbol for the W and M with your hands, the W is made by holding the Right hand upwards with the index, middle and ring finger all outstretched and spread apart, then the same with the left hand apart from poining it downwards.
Its used mainly to make fun of your friends who bitch and moan all the time like little girls about how hard they have been working
Scott: "Dude im so fucking tired, ive been working like a slave all week"

All his mates sing the chorous: "hes a Working Man, or the Working People(whilst all making the WM sign with their hands to mock him)
by SamwellRamswell April 11, 2009
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There are a few WM's around here on this base.
by SSgt J's Wife January 20, 2005
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Person 1: Can you do the homework
Person 2: wm?
by Randomuser6352 May 5, 2020
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Whatever Minger
Used mainly by slappers and people who think the word 'minger'makes them sound good.

Pronounced: "Wha'eva, minga"
by [Cyanide] July 15, 2004
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Why man
Dude wm
It means why man
by youoweusdogs June 23, 2017
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stands for woe misery and shit (abreviation!!)
Fiona: "how's life?"
Emily: "WMS

Emily: "your face is WMS"
Fiona : 0_o
by giantpenguinsuit November 10, 2009
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