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It is a Town in Suffolk County, NY. It is located in the western part of Suffolk County on the South Shore. You can't miss it on a map unless you have a piece of shit of a map. It was founded in 1683. It was originally called Penataquit and Mechanicsville. Sometime in the mid-1800's it became "Bay Shore" because of the tourism industry.

It 62 % White, 20% Hispanic and 18% Black/African-American.

Note: It is a Hamlet of the "Town Of Islip".
With its diverse demographics. It has the most diverse school system ever. Both economically and ethnically.
by A.P Marauder May 09, 2005
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1. (noun)
A Town-Center/Mall Where the Unclassiet/Rudest/Uptight people in wisconsin go to eat and shop.
2. (adjective)
1. "God did you see how that man talked to me, it's as if he thought i worked at BayShore."
"That woman needs to control her child and make her baby quit crying, this isn't BayShore

2. "Wow can you believe that idiot teenager parked in a handcap spot, Thats so BayShore"
"I hate when people randomly walk across the street and i almost hit them, its really BayShore."
by WisCanSUN September 11, 2009
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A gay ass school located in Bradenton FL.


Once a school where it caused cancer to thousads of people.

AKa Gay Shore
Danny- Hey wheres Bayshore?

Lee- You mean Gay Shore?

Danny- Yes....

Lee- You got to be kidding.

Danny- NO...

Lee- I have know clue i go to South East motha fucker.
by Erika Extreme March 06, 2008
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Bay Shore is a hamlet (and census-designated place), located in the Town of Islip, County of Suffolk County, New York, United States. Bay Shore is surrounded by West Islip, Brightwaters, and West Bay Shore to the west, Brentwood, Baywood, and Deer Park to the north, Islip to the east, and the Great South Bay and Fire Island to the south.

The racial makeup of the hamlet: 71.99% White, 17% African American, and 7% from other races. Hispanic or Latino of any race is about 19.86% of the population.

Bay Shore is rough in the north. North Bay Shore is located next to Brentwood. The schools are rated to be one of the lowest on Long Island and isnt a good place to live. West Bay Shore is particularly nice and a decent place to live. It is surrounded by parks.

Average household size:
This place: 2.8 people
New York: 2.6 people

Percentage of family households:
This place: 67.5%
Whole state: 65.7%

Percentage of households with unmarried partners:
This place: 6.4%
Whole state: 5.4%

Likely homosexual households (counted as self-reported same-sex unmarried-partner households)
* Lesbian couples: 0.5% of all households
* Gay men: 0.4% of all households

Residents with income below the poverty level in 2008:
This place: 12.2%
Whole state: 14.6%

Residents with income below 50% of the poverty level in 2008:
This place: 6.1%
Whole state: 7.4%
Bay Shore is okay in the west but rough and tough in the north
by mikegiona February 07, 2010
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located in suffolk county, long island. its surrounded by islip and brentwood. mostly black and hispanic, 50% or less white. plenty of gangs and 'hanging out'. probably the worst place to live next to brentwood. the schools are also rated to be the lowest on long island. urban setting and can be considered the projects in some parts.
by mgmmpopo April 18, 2010
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