Latin for "and others".
As far dictionary sites go, I think, et al, would highly appreciate some form of gratuity.
by gdog September 18, 2004
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"everything else" or "other related items". It's not too far from its true Latin meaning, just a little more urbanized.
"You bring the rum et al." Instead of "You bring the rum, ice, coke, glasses."
by Azion October 21, 2014
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A term given by wankers when they mean to sound intelligent.
"I played soggy biscuit with Rupert et al. I was delighted that I lost and got to chow down on the man-fat cracker"
by etalwanker May 24, 2018
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....... and the usual suspects.

Generally used after naming and shaming some one or thing, giving permission for the listener to compile their own mental list of those who can be attibuted to the ghastly deed.
Those crazy SJWs et al

Those crazy SJWs and the usual suspects
by Treedweller76 August 17, 2018
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