a mix between shook and death, said when someone is shook but dead inside
finding out your grandmother is dead, i was shooketh
by Rileyyyyyyyyyyyyyy December 17, 2017
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To be so shook that you can not function correctly.
Albert: I took heard Aaron took your girls ass virginity
Gus: I- I- I'm {{{{{{shooketh}}}}}}}
by im_a_darn_diddly_ghost March 3, 2019
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so shocked that the feeling goes beyond just plain shook. you are shooketh.
"that girl in year 8 shagged someone in the music cupboard"
by L25imm January 5, 2018
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A red flag to others to alert them to the fact that you've become overly influenced by internet culture.
"That girl speaking hashtags out loud just said she's shooketh. Beware, she may be a Matrix bot."
by Massive Sigh September 9, 2022
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Shooketh is a term used when you are Beyond Shock emotion. Basically the most shock of the all shock
Girl:I dont know but everyone seems to know about me, Iam shooketh!
Man: Thats because you go there alot.
by Legit-Genious August 5, 2018
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Joke: Shaken so badly that you've traveled to the 1800's due to shock

Literal: something you tell someone when they try to spook you but you were not spooked
A: "BOO!!"
B: "I am shooketh, cannot describe the fear I feel"
by Non Catholic Caterpillar February 25, 2022
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Shooketh; the act of being scared or surprised.
Example; "Girl I was Shooketh when Darius pulled his pants down"
by BlackTenebris September 4, 2018
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