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Shawn Mendes, a Canadian god. With a jawline that can cut steel. Abs that can wash clothes. Muffin lover. Tomato hater. Greattt singer, I suggest listening to 'Where were you in the morning". thx for reading.
"Damn that Shawn Mendes kid can sing", "yeah I know right!", "and have you seen his thighs?"
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by CpFamily May 28, 2018
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The most perfect person alive. He is a famous singer, viner, and used to be in magcon. His perfect amazing smile will make you want more. He can make any girl go crazy.
Shawn Mendes

is sooooooooooo perfect
by Kcsoccer22 October 15, 2016
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He's perfection, duh?!
Eve:"Shawn Mendes is so handsome and he has the voice of an angel,omg!"
Jane:"Because he's perfect
Ellis:"But Hanah Montana says that nobody's perfect."
Jane:"Well, it seems like Hanah Montana hasn't meet Shawn yet!"
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by shawnismine April 05, 2017
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Shawn Mendes is a talented singer from Canada. He started on vine and experienced MAGCON Tour and is now signed to Island Records living his dream and has a hit single "Stitches". He has a gigantic heart and is very appealing to the human eye.
Shawn Mendes killed his performance last night!
by Shawnsbackyard February 24, 2016
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A famous viner who also happens to be gorgeous, lovely, cute, hot, kind and an AMAZING singer. He is a Magcon boy who is friends with the likes of Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Jack Johnson (more fit boys). There are no words to describe how perfect he is.
Girl 1: I just... I don't know he's just so... Ughhhhh... Beautiful!

Girl 2: Who? Shawn Mendes.

Girl 1: Of course!

Girl 2: Back off bitch, he's mine.
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A Canadian Singer/Songwriter That Was Born In Pickering,Ontario,Toronto,Canada.
He Has Parents Named Manuel(Manny) and Karen Mendes,And A Younger Sister Aaliyah Mendes.

Full Name:Shawn Peter Raul Mendes
BirthDate:August 8,1998.
Albums:Handwritten,Illuminate,and His EP.

Fans Call Themselves "MendesArmy".
He Is Very Caring And Humble.
Brown Fluffy Curly Hair And Hazel Brown Eyes.6'1' Feet Tall.5 tattoos (2017)
Shawn Mendes Is A Handsome Muffin Lovin,Tomato Hatin,Muffin Man.
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by ANONYMOUSJJ December 31, 2017
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