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When the gang came into the mall, all of the people were "spooked" from the mean looks on all their faces.
by blackmanofsteel40 April 11, 2006
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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1. A new racial slur that is highly offensive and should never be used.
2.Scaring people via freaky coincidences, being a goob, and teen-like pranks.
3.Getting fucked by a white person.
4. One of the three ethnic groups of Europe.
5. The imperfect preterite tense of the verb to spook, spook being an action done by a Spooker. The Spooker class is a special group of people, animals, and inanimate objects who have sworn allegiance to ban any Tricksters, their rivals of the class Tricker, from entering Spooker territory.
1. We can't even provide an example here. This word in this context is too serious and offensive to even say hypothetically. Think before you say the S-word next time.

2. "Catherine spooked Jordan when she accidentally told him she was pregnant. He got so spooked when he received the text, he almost crashed his car."

3. Curt: "Hey, Katie. What did you do on indigenous people's day weekend?"

Katie: "Not much. My boyfriend spooked me lotsos though"

Curt: "I've never been spooked before"

4. Social Studies Teacher: "Can someone name the three ethnic groups in Europe?"

Student: "Spookerpeans, the Gypsies, and the French"

Social Studies Teacher: "Excellent"

5. The two spookers and their spooker doggo defeated the evil trickster, as she was no longer able to claim any dependents and therefore had to pay a fuckton of taxes.
by carmenwilson October 15, 2016
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Discovered, Found, Located, or Publicly revealed someone else's secret information / Like "outing" them, but not limited just to their sexuality.
Your in bed with your over night guest in a hotel. At 10am someone knocks on the door, and you assume it's housekeeping. But your naked, and your guest has at least underwear on, so he is sent to chase away house keeping. When the door opens, you don't hear house keeping, but a high pitch gay voice go "Ohhhh!!" And you recognize the voice as a friend, who happens to know both yourself and your over night guest. At that point you realize "Faggots Spooked My Piece"
by GBoy81 February 20, 2012
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1. Not quite high, but almost. (Marijuana)
2. The feeling when your high seems to fade.
"Ey are you faded?"
"Nah, I'm just spooked."
by Ben Doverr October 19, 2007
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Gumpy and droopy-eyed.
I knew a girl in highschool that was spooked.
by BC January 22, 2005
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