When the gang came into the mall, all of the people were "spooked" from the mean looks on all their faces.
by blackmanofsteel40 April 11, 2006
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Discovered, Found, Located, or Publicly revealed someone else's secret information / Like "outing" them, but not limited just to their sexuality.
Your in bed with your over night guest in a hotel. At 10am someone knocks on the door, and you assume it's housekeeping. But your naked, and your guest has at least underwear on, so he is sent to chase away house keeping. When the door opens, you don't hear house keeping, but a high pitch gay voice go "Ohhhh!!" And you recognize the voice as a friend, who happens to know both yourself and your over night guest. At that point you realize "Faggots Spooked My Piece"
by GBoy81 February 20, 2012
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1. Not quite high, but almost. (Marijuana)
2. The feeling when your high seems to fade.
"Ey are you faded?"
"Nah, I'm just spooked."
by Ben Doverr October 19, 2007
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Gumpy and droopy-eyed.
I knew a girl in highschool that was spooked.
by BC January 22, 2005
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Very drunk or stoned. High on something, possibly a kite.
Oh my god I was so spooked last night at Billy's party.
by Big Al\'Qa\'Ida September 05, 2003
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1. Government intelligence agents, see G-men.

2. Anyone involved in espionage.
1. Careful on this phone line, there could be spooks listening in.

2. I heard this place was crawling with spooks, some kind of weapon of mass destruction is being sold or something.
by Alan May 09, 2004
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An idea with no true backing in reality, as popularized by the philosopher Max Stirner.
P. Frenchie Proudhon: The right to property is a spook!
by T. Pseud December 15, 2016
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