To be be so shook you get sent back to the 17th century
Thou is so shooketh even Shakespeare is quaking in his grave
by Sebastian Castellanos October 12, 2017
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A cringe discord server that people quickly join and ask every girl to dm them in #ask-to-dm then leave. Has a few loyal members to the server and honestly a great staff team!
Person 1: Man, have you joined Shooketh?
Person 2: That weird discord server where people join then leave?
Person 1: Yeah... that’s the one.
by DiscordThotReviews August 11, 2020
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They scared to death, they scared to look, they shook... cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks.
You are shooketh af to see the size of ms.haases mole
by FeLiZ NAviDAd March 20, 2018
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When one is as shook as you are woke. Similar to QUAKING
When he told me, I was SHOOKETH AS FUCKETH
by peppodo the third March 15, 2018
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Someone doing something so incredibly awesome it makes a group of people shook
Yesterday I saw a man breakdancing it was shookething
by Abiisfabulous April 6, 2018
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