When you are more shook then shook can ever be shook
A large amount of "shook"
A comment or response that confused, surprised, or angered you.
"I am shooketh"
"Allieson, I've been shooketh!"
by Fallen_One June 27, 2017
Shooketh is the feeling you get when you are beyond the point of shook.
I was shooketh of how cute that alpaca was.
by Livvy124887 July 16, 2017
A slang word popularized by Christine Sydelko & Elijah Daniel from a YouTube video meaning that something crazy just happened or unfathomable. It could also be something that doesn’t make sense or is crazy. It can also be used as, “shook”.
My teacher just gave me extra homework for not doing last nights homework, I’m shooketh
by landondunlap November 9, 2017
When you are bombarded with a wave of emotions "normally cringe/shock" and you can't describe what you're feeling.
me : " omg girl got me shooketh"
aslo me : " a girl be shootheth"
by boredgirlwiththoughts August 28, 2017
When you in between the stage of shook, and quaking.
Eleven: *Moves something with her mind*
Mike: "Oh my god I am shooketh!"
by abellow010 December 7, 2017