Verb | The act of 'slipping' something, such as an idea, political argument, or theory/concept into a conversation where it does not really fit; like using a shoehorn / shoe-horn to slip a foot into a tight-fitting shoe
"We were talking about the upcoming music festival when all of a sudden Harry and Arnold entered the conversation, continuously shoe-horning trump and politics
by Scarymonstersandstuff November 30, 2017
The act of forcibly inserting ones knob, shaft and entire scrotum into an unsuspecting and unwilling females vaginal canal.
I needed to go more than balls deep in this slammin' hottie... So I ended up shoe-horning her.
by Mozzz January 11, 2014
After a night of heavy, HEAVY drinking, a girl wants to have sexual congress with you. However, your pink crayon isn't up to the task. You're determined, however, and decide to cram Ol' Floppy inside of her. You're determined to get it up, but it ain't happening. You keep flaccidly stabbing away with zero results. She goes home deeply disappointed.
"I tried shoe-horning my 'flaccie' inside of her last night, but no go."
by Weiner Tits January 1, 2014
Forced into a position or situation where, under normal circumstances, wouldn't have fit or belonged otherwise.

Much like the device the term was named after, it is awkwardly insisting something to be where it shouldn't.
The producer insisted the writers shoe horned a romantic sub-plot in what was supposed to just be a horror-themed crime drama.

"There was no opportunity in the conversation for Chris to talk about this thing that was only interesting to him, so he shoe-horned it into the conversation with an awkward segway."
by Waffletron January 21, 2016
To Shoehorn is to put something into a space where it doesn't fit.
alot of game developers make a great storyline for a game, then shoe-horn multiplayer in at the last second, causing it to suck.
by Revanx17 June 7, 2011
A mans use of his thumbs to help insert a limp penis into female vagina. May also be a double shoe horn if one thumb does not assist the limp penis and requires both thumbs for full penetration. I’m some extreme cases a quadruple shoe horn has been reported which involves using a friends thumbs in addition to yours to penetrate.
Jason was so drunk the other night and couldn’t get hard. He had to use a double shoe horn to have sex with that chick.
by Tigherking May 4, 2021
a handy dandy appliance used for making taking shoes off even easier
"i see your foot is stuck in your shoe, here borrow my shoe horn"
by Norman Truddleswick May 12, 2005