A meaningless answer to a question or comment you may dissagree with, or may be said in the middle of (ex. moment of silence for a dead pet of your friend's mother's siter's brother's cousin)

this word also happens to be my favorite word
"Betty! We are not going to the mall!"

by Bailz of Hay December 03, 2004
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Shmea is everything and nothing. It is the world and everything around the world. You see it, feel it , smell it, live it and Breathe it . Shmea is every word, phrase, verb and conjunction. It is every choice, deed and consequence.....

Copyright Laws - Approve by Laws the creation of the word Shmea to: Kael Toddington and Jesse Adams.
" I got to go take a wicked Shmea "

" Shmea you man I'm going to the pub "

" Go make me a Shmea Sandwich Women:

" Shmea that hurt "

..... and many more
by The mysterious Shmea July 04, 2010
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another way to say nah. to reject a person and let them no they are wrong
u think mike piazza is straight....shmeaaa
by machi greens April 05, 2004
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A Shaggy Dog or a dof that is shaggy
"Hey check out that shmea hes taking a crap"
"Cliff is a Shmea Bitch"
by Cursive March 14, 2005
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high off of marijuana. blea is marijuana bud, and being shmea is being high.
"yo, last nite was dumb litty"
"big fax bro, we were shmea off the blea"
by vape_lord_123 February 27, 2018
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