Sweet, smart, funny, and all around cool guy. Very good at sports. Quite a gentleman. Has a very great sense of humor and very attractive to all the ladies. He goes for cute nerdy girls and sees the beautiful in those girls.
2: Kael did suck a great job at his baseball game today
by Santa Clause1234 December 11, 2016
drop dead hot, SOOO hot, 100 meter dick, funny, manly and SOOO hot!
Kael is soo hot,
by a hot girl at shalom in year 7 November 6, 2019
A very sexy musically talented guy who is willing to have tons of fun and mostly compatible with a girl whose name starts with an M :) He has an amazing voice that can make anyones day and is a beast at playing guitar, he is adorable and has an awesome personality, he loves music and all of his friends and any girl would be extremely lucky to have the chance to date him :)
Kael,You mean the really cute one that plays the guitar?!
by Beastly-babe050796072996 March 27, 2011
A name usually given to a cool scene kid. he listens to a smorgasboard of music, everything ranging from cyndi lauper to my chemical romance. he is an awsome brother and probably one of the weirdest kids you'll ever meet. he has a very odd sense of humor and wears jeans on forty degree days.
peace out brussel srout.
by shanananon February 1, 2009
Kael is very tall, very kind, and very nerdy. He loves making puns, and can always find a way to make you smile. He is super cute and a gentleman. Kael is very kind hearted and if you ever find yourself a Kael, don't lose him.
Did you see Kael, he looks hotter than usual.
by kittyk@t April 29, 2019
Kael is usually a person with a MASSIVE penis but will randomly helecopter it and while doing that will slap people in the face with it, but they are also really funny and only about 4.26% homosexual.
“Hey, have you met Kael, he’s sooooo cool and hot.”
by THE BIG WILLY MAN May 18, 2021
A loving kid who has a great relation with mostly the girls. He loves being around the people that he likes. (mostly a girl)He has a great personality and would be a great fit for a tall lucky lady.
WOW that Kael kid is popular with the ladies
by Physical Elephant April 21, 2017