Very, very bad breath resulting from being an asshoover.
Curtis has ass breath.
by dave sadler July 16, 2006
The breath of a vegetarian. They sit around smuggly odering carrot juice and similar shit, thinking that they're the cat's meow, when in fact, you could weld with their breath.
He: This Volvo was owned by a Professor.

She: How do you know?

He: can't you smell the ass breath?
by Hoze December 20, 2004
adver-noun. one who possesses breath which, in itself, possesses an aroma similar to that found within the anal regions of unkempt persons; the breath may or may not be visible in ALL temperatures, but the presence is identifiably by the turning of stomachs of those made to endure the stench.
Man, that girl is FINE as HELL, but she has ass breath!
by Mr. P March 1, 2004
when someone wakes up in the morning and their breath smells like an ass.
I could hardly talk to my friend the other day because he had a bad case of ass-breath.
by squiggleman4 March 21, 2010
It whenever a nigga decides to not brush his teeth for a few days, so he starts to develop a thing called "ass breath". Days later it develops into a thing called "stank ass breath". The nigga ask you does his breath stink, you do not reply, but find the nearest computer and type in stank ass breath. If the nigga is still there I think that he gets the Idea that they have stank ass breath. If they are still breathing on your neck, you should tell them out loud, "NIGGA YOU GOT STANK ASS BREATH!" Hopefully the nigga will feel bad and brush his teeth.
Nigga who has not brushed his teeth in a while and ate cheese. Stank ass breath.
by Leechluck March 9, 2014
Not to be confused with Courage Juice

Pills with the taste of lemon merengue developed by Dr. Mawangi Misoi before his hanging hundreds of years ago. Cures Ass-Breath by hardening the backbone. Currently produced in Cuba. Originally made from ground gunpowder made by Haitian slaves and sweat from Seminoles who fought against the U.S. Army in the Seminole wars. Tested on Nathaniel “Nat” Turner, then further tested in France, It should also be noted a bottle of it was found in the clenched dead hand of the white John Brown.

Ingredients were added by various people from places like Russia, The Congo, Vietnam, and China. Currently on the FDA Shit-List.
Person 1: So you done took the Ass-Breath Killers, is it workin yet?
Person 2: Nah; man is yours workin yet?
Person 1: I think mine is about to start workin now, There it goes
Corporate Drone: Hey what are you guys supposed to be doin?
Person 1: I'm supposed to be draggin my foot, out your motherfuckin ass.
by Givl Upi July 12, 2018
An unbelievably horrendous smell emanating from the orifice of the mouth. Could very well kill a small elephant.
Shit man, I can't make love with you, you have some fatal ass breath!
by assgasm45 August 14, 2008