One who has the most fecal scented breath as a result of poor dental hygiene or bits of carion remaining between the teeth.
I had difficulty maintaining focus, on the conversation with Claire, due to her disgusting ass breath.
by Paul September 23, 2003
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an obsequious person; one who kisses
ass so adeptly that his breath has acquired an anal bouquet
you're not fooling anyone, assbreath, everyone knows you are an incompetent suckup.
by zakhi January 30, 2003
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The breath of a vegetarian. They sit around smuggly odering carrot juice and similar shit, thinking that they're the cat's meow, when in fact, you could weld with their breath.
He: This Volvo was owned by a Professor.

She: How do you know?

He: can't you smell the ass breath?
by Hoze December 20, 2004
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when someone wakes up in the morning and their breath smells like an ass.
I could hardly talk to my friend the other day because he had a bad case of ass-breath.
by squiggleman4 March 21, 2010
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adver-noun. one who possesses breath which, in itself, possesses an aroma similar to that found within the anal regions of unkempt persons; the breath may or may not be visible in ALL temperatures, but the presence is identifiably by the turning of stomachs of those made to endure the stench.
Man, that girl is FINE as HELL, but she has ass breath!
by Mr. P March 01, 2004
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A disease caused by kissing your bosses and governments ass a lot. Has such a terrible smell that some people near those afflicted by it would jump in the ocean to escape the smell. Cured by the use of Ass-Breath Killers.
"Um, Yessir Boss" - A person afflicted with Ass-Breath
by Givl Upi July 11, 2018
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