A term used frequently by Mr. Lahey, Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisor from the Trailer Park Boys. Usually used to instill fear in the boys, mainly Bubbles.
Lahey: I'm watching you boys, like a Shit Hawk. A Shit Hawk.

Bubbles: Julian, what's a Shit Hawk?!

Julian: Don't worry about him. He's just drunk.
by WHIZ WIT December 8, 2009
1. One of numerous 'shit analogies' by Mr. Jim Lahey; supervisor of Sunnyvale trailer park.

2. A second-generation Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am of poor condition.
Ex. 1: "I'm watching you, boys..like a shit hawk."
Ex. 2: "Yea, this is my '81 Trans-Am...it's a shit-hawk, ain't it?"
by ShytHawk01 May 30, 2006
a big shitty bird that swoops down and puts poop on you and carries you away back to its big shitty nest.
by olliver clothsoff January 3, 2009
a stupid, dumbass, fucking bird, that likes 2 shit everywhere. also known as, a seagull.
*that damn shit hawk!! crapped all over the new truck!!!
*im gunna kill that shithawk!!
*mommy! mommy!! the shithawk bit me!!
by me November 20, 2003
a seagull, so named because they are everywhere, crapping on your car and occasionally your person
"Keep your fly done up or a shit hawk will get you!!!" said Mom, as she lay on her deathbed dying of testicular cancer.
by ArmyDave October 24, 2006
a big shitty bird that flies around and poops on you, commonly found on the St Mary's College of Maryland Jeffrey William Bennett campus.
Dude One: Dude, did you see that fucking shit hawk?
Dude Two: No man, it shit on me before I saw it.
by cjwizzle September 17, 2011
aka a faux hawk
a stripe of slightly longer hair on a male which is geled up to resemble a mohawk, but there is hair longer than stubble on the sides of the head.
referes to faux hawks for guys only; except in the circumstance of if the girl's side hair is longer than 1.5 inches and her hawk is shorter than 3 inches-then it's a shit hawk instead of a chick hawk
he wanted a mohawk, but his mom said no so he got a shit hawk instead.
by deathmuffin October 26, 2006