To get extremely, recklessly drunk before anyone else; inspired by Jim Lahey and Jake Ewing
Guy 1: Boy I tell ya, it has been a long week I can’t wait for the darty tomorrow
Guy 2: Tell me about it, I’m gettin fuckin lahey’d tomorrow!
by FunnyDog55 June 26, 2019
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verb. To continually chug hard liquor in the same matter of Jim Lahey from trailer park boys.
dude i told terry he could take a shot from my crown royal and he just straight up started to lahey that shit
by dean mcCowsky August 7, 2008
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(Verb) The act of consuming hard liquor, such as rum, whiskey, vodka, etc. directly from the bottle. The chug must last at least 7 seconds. The word is derived from the Canadian mockumentary series 'Trailer Park Boys', where the main antagonist, the alcoholic Trailer Park Supervisor Jim Lahey regularly consumes liquor directly from the bottle.
The boys and I were Laheying rum all last night in honor of John Dunsworth, may he rest easy.
by LurkinTurkey May 17, 2019
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Non-cop "quality of life" code enforcers in small towns with cop radios.
Oh shit, hide the beer can! A Lahey's coming this way.
by Foo Bar March 14, 2005
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To speak of technology without actually using facts
Whitey 1: So the active directory is very important to your business, will add business value and be valuable to how you get new customers. So how is that squash game? Did you see the leafs last night?
Whitey 2: Crap he is pulling a lahey.
by Dude looks like a lady May 12, 2003
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Although he was a Canadian, Mr. Lahey was a true American hero. He was one of the greats, and inspiration to alcoholics everywhere. He was more than just a drunken ex-trailer park supervisor on a Canadian TV show called Trailer Park Boys ... he was "the liquor." Rest in peace John Dunsworth, thank you for the many, many laughs.
Randy: "Mr. Lahey! ... you're back on the liquor!?"

Mr. Lahey: "Bo Bandy... (long contemplative swig from bottle of liquor) … I AM the liquor."
by yaboymd January 21, 2019
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