The act of pairing two or more characters (usually fictional, sometimes real people) in a fictional relationship. Fangirls usually do this with their favourite YouTubers, cartoon characters or celebrities.
Person 1: Have you seen the latest episode of ______?
Person 2: I did!! I was disappointed when they didn't kiss.
Person 1: I know right, I've been shipping them so hard!
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by on June 07, 2018
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Also, can be made from inanimate objects. Almost anything can be "shipped".
Puzzleshipping, Shinigamishipping, Bleachshipping, Breadshipping.
by Pan Pan Chan March 30, 2005
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The practice of transporting freight by sea.

Some people seem to think this term has to do with fictional characters and their love lives. Grow up!
My wealthy grandfather was a magnate in the Greek shipping industry.
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Pairing one person with another person, usually happens in TV shows and opular video games, like Xenoblade Chronicles, PokΓ©mon and Zelda Games.
Me: I ship Elio X Lillie.
Shipper who ships lesbians: Well I ship Selene X Lillie that's better.
Shipper who ships gays: lol you guys are idiots Elio X Gladion is the best.
Me: Elio X Lillie is underrated, as should be canon. I really like them as a couple which links to Shipping am I becoming too meta?
by ShiningSunShipper August 06, 2018
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