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A self-hating and white-worshiping Asian woman who dates white men exclusively. These Asian women often look down on Asian culture, Asian people and hate Asian men. The upholder of white supremacy. When get called out they often try to conceal this by hiding behind feminism and/or "preference"

Note: This term also applies to the Asian women who tries to be black or Hispanic and kiss up to them. In general, Lus are Asian women who look down on Asians and see Asians as inferior to other groups.
"Comedian" Esther Ku's career revolves around making racist jokes about Asian and shitting on Asian men to please her white master (her main audience). This sellout is a perfect example of a Lu.
by Mysterious_AZN June 28, 2018
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x.x HOLLIEEEE!!!! <3 says
Abbie wabbie!! i really lu!!!!xxx!!!
x<3x ABBBIIEEE!!!! x<3x says
Hollie wollieeeeee!! Lu deux!!!xxxx!!!!
x.x HOLLIEEEE!!!! <3 says
Goodie!! === Lu forever!!!
x<3x ABBBIIEEE!!!! x<3x says
And a day!!! Mwah mwah !!! =
by abbiee!!! December 25, 2005
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West Indian term that refers to living in a distorted reality
"All you do is sit on your ass all day. Bro, you are living it a lu!"
by abcdefgmrazhijkl April 12, 2009
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Asian with long black hair, very smart, and likes unusual things.

Not open to new things.
If Lu didn't pass that test no one will!!
by michelle2119 December 23, 2010
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southern italian word
to say "the"
in italian is "il"
and southern italian is "lu" or "u" (pro: 0uu)

" lu marito" (the husband)
" u brigante" (the bandit)

by mikytav benedetto July 25, 2008
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