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Geno is a fun loving guy. He is always there when you need him the most no matter what it is you need. he will make u laugh like no other and will make your day that much brighter and perfect. He is a great friend, bro, and boyfriend and if u are lucky and are able to meet one become friend with him instantly because it might just be the greatest thing you will ever do in your life.
Girl 1: did u meet the new boy Geno he is the best

Girl 2: ya he is so funny
by avocodoboi June 13, 2019
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A bad ass, a legend, a warrior. An interventionist. A role-model, a leader. The greatest of beings.
Person A : Hey man what were you up to today?
Person B : I was too busy being Geno.
by Genormous May 7, 2013
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The action of scoring a goal in hockey.
“Aye bro dirty fucking Geno last night. You had every ladies panties drop in those stands."
by DanthewAmboltz January 14, 2020
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One of the main characters in Super Mario RPG for the SNES. He is a doll possessed by a spirit from Star Road. His real name is ♥♪!?, but its hard to pronounce, so he goes by the doll's name. He is an "overpowered" character.
Dude, I just got Geno on SMRPG! He's friggin awesome!
by Lolwutasaurus Xer April 19, 2009
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were you a Geno when you were born?
by warigi October 24, 2008
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A follower of the gray path which leads to the gray light.
wow, thos geno sure are enlightened, thy they follow the path and embrace the cowbell.
by obli October 3, 2003
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He is a doll that was empowered by a star spirit in a Super Mario game called Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Geno totally ass-raped Bowser there...i mean shit!
by MastaPo June 15, 2004
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