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To truthfully manipulate a fact to make it sound less harsh and/or worse than the straight truth.

To say the truth in a manner where it doesn't actually sound that bad.
"I have a broken testicle, but my doctor sugarcoated it, and called it a 'loose nut that just needs tightening'."
by Squirrel_Live May 25, 2019

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The act of taking two fictional or non-fictional characters, and personally wishing for them to either be in love, or for them to have sex.

The term has many background terms.

If you are a person who wants to characters/people shipped, you are a shipper.

The term is changed to "Sailing Ship" whenever the ship that was made becomes successful. For example: two fictional characters falling in love after multiple ships of said characters were made.
"Jesus Christ, my hormones are shipping Cait and Frodo so fucking hard right now."

"Never knew that Rick and Michonne's ship would sail."
by Squirrel_Live May 25, 2019

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Usually used as the first or last part of an insult, "Bitch Ass" is usually the slang term of "Bitch" and "Asshole", or, as a second slang term, it can be used to describe a person as a Bitch's Ass.

The word originates from prison slang, in which it was used to describe an inmates bitch.
"Man, look at this bitch ass punk, running around like a jit."

"What did the bitch ass say about me?"

"Man, you ugly. Bitch ass.*
by Squirrel_Live May 25, 2019

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A word that has not been used yet, but surely will.

This word is a noun, used to describe someone who does absolutely nothing but bitch and complain about everything, even if it doesn't involve them whatsoever.
Dude #1: "Man, Antarctica is so cold."
Dude #2: "We're in Florida, you dumbass mcbitcher.."
by Squirrel_Live June 07, 2019

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