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Shippensburg is a borough in Cumberland and Franklin counties in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Shippensburg is also home to Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, one of 14 universities of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The University is known for its excellent Education, Psychology, Business, and Communications Programs. Although semi-rural they're are plenty of things to do in Shippensburg (hint: its not hard to find a party). At the end of the Academic Year there is an Annual Block Party as well. Also, Go Raiders!
Shippensburg: Ship Happens
by Dude Von Dudestein August 19, 2009
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A quaint college in Pennsylvania, conveniently tucked into the Amish countryside. Known for weird squirrels, creepy boys, and their excellent track team.
Shippensburg: nothing to do but party and chill with the Amish.
by Autumn Miller February 18, 2008
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A small state college in central Pennsylvania where you are considered cultured if you drink imported beer. Although it is often overshadowed by the Penn state main campus (roughly two hours away) SHIP has been sporting record Underage drinking violations for over a decade. It was recently made into a dry campus but still retains the strong scent of cheap beer and liquor. Ohh, its also a fine place to see cows and get an education.
"Sometimes my dad will come home from the bar drunk and beat me to take out his frustration"
"Didn't your dad graduate from Shippensburg University?"

(NOTE: Child abuse is no laughing matter. If you or someone you know is being abused please contact your local child services)
by T. Rizzle February 14, 2006
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A small hick town located in the middle of east bumblefuck Pennsylvania where Locals enjoy Drinking, Flying Confederate Flags from the back of their vehicles and Skinning dead Roadkill deer and selling the skins for profit. When college is in you don't have to walk more than two feet to find a party where a girl is taking her top off and using it as a bandanna while doing a keg stand. Local entertainment includes watching Tractor pulls and going to Richard Ave to bet on how many underages the kids will be arrested for, or heading on out to the woods or the nearest cornfield to have a bonfire which also includes having unprotected sex and doing lines of cocaine. The school district is similar to most in that they only fund Football, Boys Basketball and Baseball. The academics are terrible and the administrators in the district are more brain dead then the kids that light the bathrooms on fire. The cafeteria staff at the high school is full of pedophiles and all the kids find out after having sex with each other, they're related. The most used word is "yee yee" and every 30 seconds someone tells the world they have a small dick by reving the engine of their big jacked up diesel truck driving down the one road that runs through town. Local Cuisine includes whatever deer or other animals you kill in the woods or the fish that you catch. So if you're looking for a town that likes trucks, inbreds, hates gay people and has 42 churches. Shippensburg PA is the place for you!
"Did you hear Logan got a DUI in his new truck ?"
"Let me guess he was in Shippensburg?"
by The Goat and your Mom June 10, 2018
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A place where hicks and rednecks live and hunt at. everyday someone finds out they are related(most of the time the boy and girl have dated and found out from their parents). The teachers, school district, and students are stupid. and most of the people there are posers (that say they arent hicks when they clearly are). they like to hunt poor creatures and like going to farm shows. most people are in the FFA (future farmers of America). Theres also a lot of underage drinkers and druggies. So dont come here if you expect to leave the same way as you came.
Billy Bob: "lata imma go hunting in the woods near Shippensburg and maybe gettin a 8 point buck for dinner."
Jilly bob: "dont forgeet to get enuf to feed the children."
by XxXfearmehbitchXxX January 13, 2011
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one of the most pathetic hick towns you will ever visit. filled with red necks and people who find killing things entertaining. they dont have a sence of culture and almost everyone is related. most of them are unordinarily ugly. locals spend their free time watching tractor pulls and killing helpless animals. the school district sucks balls and there are too many drunk college students running around town. shitty place.
i live in shippensburg and i think im goin to go huntin and get me a buck.
by ur moms on mars September 10, 2008
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