Shifu, shit fu. Fu as in Fugazi. Term brought to the world by Chief Keef and also used by many Chiraqians. Can be used in various ways.
Man that girl talking bout she love me that Shifu.
by Nehoymehoyradiomomo June 27, 2018
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Originating from shifu himself the servant of Allah the name is only given to the most worthy women Finessers
"Damn dawg that nigga shifu took your girl"
by Almighty Himself August 30, 2017
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Derived from the romanization of the Mandarin word 师傅, Shifu (or Sifu) is the common honorific name given to a master or a teacher, especially in the context of martial arts. It can also be generally used as a name for a very skillful and competent person.

See also: Sensei and Guru.
Mom: How was your first day at martial arts class son?
Son: Yeah it was great, our shifu taught us how to kick some ass while he was stoned
Mom: 😂😂😂👌👌
by TheUltimateDoge June 23, 2019
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