Verb. The act of shielding a boner. Most commonly used with textbooks or large binders by teenage boys.
Look how low jason is holding his book. Hes totally shielding.
by Lady Gagas Clit September 23, 2011
Shielding is the refusal to post photos of your babies/kids on the Internet ie Facebook. The opposite of sharenting / oversharing . Shielding is the protection of the baby/kids right to privacy. In an era where parents are digitally documenting and excessively oversharing what should be private baby/kids photos on on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat. And posting private details such as date of birth, favourite colour etc. Parents shielding are shielding their babys/kids from being on social media

By shielding, not sharenting, parents are shielding their babies/kids from identity fraud, a digital footprint, data mining, predators and the future meltdown of their now teenage offsprings reaction to their entire childhood from babyscan though to birth to school being digitally documented and posted on Facebook for the world to see.
"Ergh all the other mum's oversharing who don't give a fuck about their babies privacy. How is a baby supposed to consent to photos of themselves being constantly and excessively posted online daily. A kid is too young to understand the repercussions of their lives being posted online. I'm shielding mine from the Internet altogether!" - Daisy
by Whaticansee November 18, 2019
Rejecting the fact that he/she is a complete closet homosexual, and he/she is fooling no one by denying is.
You know that Andrew guy? he is totally shielding.
by 339201169 March 27, 2009
A TV series on FX that centers on a morally-challenged LA cop named Vic Mackey. But there's stories that focus on other cops as well in the precinct, besides Vic, which makes the show even more compelling.

It maybe a cable show, but you'll be surprised by the high level of intensity on this show.

It's TV-MA for it's brutal violence, profanity and moments of nudity and sex. Certainly one of the best shows TV has to offer.
Season 4 starts in March. Whoo-hoo!
by Kyle January 29, 2005
The triumvirate of Dean Ambrose; Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. (Two independent wrestlers, and one powerhouse with a great heritage that has proven himself.)

They fight for justice, and have been making waves in the WWE, taking out Sheamus, Cena, Ryback, and many other formerly untouchable babyfaces.
5 year old 'Damn! that stupid Shield just beat up John Cena. John Cena is superman! He is justice! They're evil!'

Smark: 'Well kiddo, you're going to have to BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD! Ha Ha Ha'

Mark: 'Yeah man, I mean seriously, I can't believe WWE haven't ruined the Shield yet, they've even beaten the babyfaces like Cena; Ryback, Sheamus and Orton'
by The Abear 53 April 13, 2013
name: A surname (common: 1 in 5000 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #580)
A kind, loving, generous family. A very friendly family, they will not hesitate to help somebody out.
That family is so nice, they must be a Shields
by Sumo no 5. September 17, 2008
the best show ever created? why i do think so.
the shield

Antwon Mitchell: From now on, when I say, "Suck my dick", you say, "You want me to lick your balls, Daddy?"
by antidisestablishmentarianism December 11, 2005