A gay person who wants to keep their true sexual orientation
a secret.
A homosexual who will make a big show of dating the opposite sex to hide their gayness.
A fag who can't or won't accept the truth about thier sexual
A person who looks and acts like a queer but has an army of deniers to defend his charade.
Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber is a closet homosexual.

Any male fan he has is a closet homosexual.
by jsd9632 January 8, 2012
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Someone who isn't yet out about them being a homosexual.
Can't think of an example for closet homosexuals . >.<
by unknown spunk April 30, 2006
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A person who is either A: Someone who is gay or bisexual and afraid to show it in public or B: Gay and tries to hide it by calling other people gay to seem 'cool' (straight).
A: Ben had always been a closet homosexual, but was afraid to tell anyone close to him.

B: Closet homosexual who is being crushed by the notion that being gay is bad: Dude, your so gay. Stop being gay, you fag.
by Havoc teh Raven April 4, 2006
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When somebody acts homophobic but is really gay they only let their good friends know that they're gay
David Man I hate fags

Jake Really

David No I actually think I'm gay but I just call people fags because I want them to be my friends

Jake Ok

Ryan Hi

David Get away fag

Ryan What

David I don't want this gay fag with us

Ryan You closet homosexual
by Boogereater69 March 4, 2021
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A special breed of Homo, often considered extremist in their behavior and responses to people who believe they are gay. There are many Closet Homosexuals in the world who, through acceptance and respect by their peers, end up coming out of the closet; however, the Airtight Closet Homosexual tends to deny the fact that they are gay 100% of the time every time they are suspected as such.
u4got: Hey Walt, did you like how majestic the flag pole was at the game last night?


u4got: omg SUCH an airtight closet homosexual.
by id13 July 18, 2011
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