The act of browsing Facebook profiles for the viewing pleasure of an attractive person of the opposite sex.
Hey bro, I was data mining earlier and found some pics of this hawt chick.
by Hap Loman June 18, 2011
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A kind of research which studies existing research, with the motive of repurposing it to promote a certain interpretation.

A common means of developing spin for a story.
Using data mining, I was able to make the last several wars look like clear US victories.
by Evil Robot March 23, 2005
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In online poker, to observe tables with the intention of collecting information on how other players play in the form of hand histories.

At one time it was argued that this is data collection rather than 'mining' per se but the term appears to have become accepted terminology in online poker circles.
Am I a huge online poker underdog without data mining? (Two Plus Two forums)
by pokerguy July 24, 2006
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When somebody attempts to 'mine' data from a www server by guessing which unseen directories are browseable.
I found pictures of your dad with a tranny in /private/dad/
by tme February 25, 2004
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Is the process of extracting patterns from large data sets by combining methods from statistics and artificial intelligence with database management
They ran the DNS from Troy Jackson's email account and were data-mining you.
by sziszko June 24, 2011
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The belief that any sufficiently large amount of data contains the information you want with probability aprroaching 1.
- I really wanted this study to proof that my saliva cures cancer, but it doesn't work.
+Have you tried data mining?
by Haniseeker December 11, 2016
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