Another overrated wrestler currently working for WWE. Worked briefly as Skip Sheffield as a member of the Nexus, but was written off television due to injury. He then started working under the crappy meathead gimmick who bullies smaller guys. He botches a lot, and nearly broke Daniel Bryan's collarbone when botching a spot on a table, and instead slammed Bryan on the floor. It just disgusts me that WWE would approve of a redundant gimmick and keep a safety hazard like him in a wrestling ring.
Ryback: Feed Me More! Ryback Rules!
by Tstoner13 August 21, 2013
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We will be right back. But it's how Dr. Phil and some Americans slurring their speech say it.
Alright, commercial break. Wibby Ryback.
by fboybj July 28, 2020
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