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A man that was compared to Jesus Christ. The difference between The Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ is that Jesus did not kill or murder, prevent freedom of spirit, prevent free will, rob caravans, steal other peoples religions, make stuff up, force religious conversions, fight in wars, allow rapes and beatings to happen, Jesus did not say it was o.k for men to marry as many women as they wanted to and Jesus did not say that in heaven you will get layed by 77 virgins etc
Jesus Christ was a pacifist that fought with love, while The Prophet Muhammad was a war-monger who fought with hate, vengeance and bloodshed to achieve his goals.

Jesus Christ believed it's up to a person's spirit whether they accept God, not a government or militia or man.

Muslims say PBUH Peace Be Upon Him, Cos The Prophet Muhammad was constantly at War.

The Prophet Muhammad is buried in a multi-million dollar grave site covered in gold despite the fact that this is hypocritical against Islam.
by The Moody Poet August 16, 2007
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paedophile -- created a religion to act out his deviant sexual impulses

rapist -- wed a six year old girl which was obscene at the time

warmonger -- used his recently created religion for political power

tyrant -- having created his own religion incited war to conquer new territory not surprisingly became lord and master of everyone around himself

self declared messenger from god
"convert to islam or die" a mantra courtesy the prophet muhammad

"Just because I married a six year old girl myself well over thirty doesn't necessarily make me a paedophile, does it?" -- the prophet muhammad
by truthBEknownnow November 10, 2010
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The Prophet Muhammad was, according to the Muslim faith, the last messenger of God. Out of all the rest of the Prophets in the Muslim faith, Muhammad is the one most mentioned, because he was the one to whom the Holy Quran (the religious book of the Muslims) was revealed to during the month of Ramadan. Known as an extremely kind and trustworthy man who lived in Mecca around 570 CE.
They follow the teachings of the prophet muhammad.
by MizzFit April 20, 2007
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