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Another name for someone who selflessly helps others.
This term originates from the parable told by Jesus in the Bible about a Samaritan (a man from a country called Samaria) who helps out a Jewish man who is ambushed by theives and left to die. This was all the more selfless of an act considering that the Jewish and Samaritan people in those times usually did not associate with each other. This story was told in response to a question concerning the scriptural mandate to "love thy neighbor as thyself". According to the story, a man asked "Who is my neighbor?" and the moral of the parable is that everyone is really your neighbor (meaning you should help anyone you see in need).
Today a Good Samaritan is usually someone who goes out on a limb to help others, even if they are complete strangers.
Ex. An anonymous good Samaritan rescued a child from the river yesterday, but left the area before he could be thanked.
by andriod5 October 04, 2005
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When you sweetly offer someone help changing a flat tire but when their back is turned, you hit them over the head with a shovel.
You better hope no one slashes your tires because I will good samaritan your ass.
by ahimsa January 07, 2009
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to use a numb hand to shelving a pill. such that it feels like a stranger is doing you that favour.

Whilst novices might sit on ones hand for a prolonged period, experienced operators would opt for a tourniquet.
when i go the good samaritan on myself, i make sure that i'm looking in the mirror, so i can give myself a wink when i'm done. I find It is also a superb opportunity to give oneself a dirty sanchez.
by marcus_schmarcus June 22, 2006
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Kenneth Ely, the most selfless papa dog out there
The good samaritan made sure everyone knew ALL their possibilities; "You know, you could try...."
by The lucky daughter March 16, 2019
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