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One who continually repeats the same statement with little variation, if any.

Derives directly from the (slightly inaccurate) term involving polyvinyl record albums, where such a "broken" record would repeatedly skip back a moment in what being played. (The term was inaccurate - usually such skippage was caused by debris on the disc.)
Hey, Bob is being a broken record about the salad bar. Somebody wanna hit him?
by ke6isf April 11, 2007
The act of touching one's nose to another's, as to show affection. Frequently observed in house cats (they may do so to their humans), occasionally found in furries similarly.
The first thing Joan's cat does when she wakes up is gives her a nosebump.
by ke6isf September 30, 2004
Extended form of scarf, and used especially when time is of the essence.
Dude, we gotta catch that plane in two minutes and you've only half finished your burger. Better scarf it down on the way to the gate.
by ke6isf September 25, 2005
A sort of weird cross between dynamic IP and static IP, a sticky IP is one that is assigned dynamically (through DHCP, but it has a habit of hanging onto your broadband modem as long as you don't have to reset it. Mostly found amongst cable modem internet providers such as Roadrunner.
You can't get a proper domain on a sticky IP.
by ke6isf November 30, 2003
Highly prejudiced description of placing ones' lips entirely around the open mouth of a bottle or canteen, thus opening the possibility of backwash.

Comes from an old stereotype that black people have lips that form a perfect circle and are thusly perfectly adapted.
Dude, quit nigger-lipping the pepsi!
by ke6isf October 15, 2004
Precursor to something that might be construed as dangerous or requiring arcane knowledge.

Comes from television commercials featuring people doing insane stunts.
"And now, Doctor Science is going to drink the liquid nitrogen! Don't try this at home, kids, remember, he knows more than you do!"
by ke6isf August 9, 2004
Figurative: "If you want to discuss this topic with me, you will need to wait your turn, as there are any number of others who wish to do so who got here before you did."

Comes from a line control mechanism that is found today with decreasing frequency, where one is requested to take a numbered ticket from a strategically placed dispenser and accordingly wait for that number to be called.
Your computer just blew up? Take a number, I've been getting calls on that all day.
by ke6isf October 15, 2004