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French: "I do not know what".

As far as english speaking people are concerned, this is spoken by snooty types as to sound more sophisticated than they are, used humorously as such by people who *do* know what it means, and spoken by French when they need to say "I don't know what" in French.

Generally speaking, can be used if you're feeling particularly suave to give an explanation of something of a certain unknown or indescribable quality.

See also unobtanium.
"This house lacks what the French may call a certain je ne sais quoi," said the pretentious rich bastard.
by ke6isf October 03, 2004
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1) "This procedure we just took you through will now result in you waiting around for a bit, so rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs watching the computer think, why not take a break away from your workstation instead?"

2) "This procedure or anecdote we are about to take you through will take a bit of time. Now is a good time to take care of whatever you feel is necessary before we proceed, because interrupting for one reason or another, emergencies barred, would be a not so good thing."

Comes mostly from technical documents, specifically where compiling is involved, as sometimes the process of compiling code takes a while.
"I'm going to be working on your computer for a while, James," Jerry said to the auditor as he frobbed some drivers. "Best go get yourself a cup of coffee
by ke6isf September 20, 2004
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The lead-in to many a tired old joke on Slashdot, where the punchline is a reverse of what is normal. Sometimes produces screamingly funny results, often produces a yawn.

Derived from old Yakov Smirnoff jokes, where Mr. Smirnoff (a Soviet expatriate) used to do the same thing when talking about the former Soviet Union during his routines.
by ke6isf November 07, 2003
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To create a verb by improperly suffixing a noun with '-ize' (or '-ise' for European spelling). The method by which words such as 'monetize', 'securitize', and even 'legalize' are created. A practice generally frowned upon by linguists and geeks.

Created as sort of a self-parody of this formation.
The CEO of the megacorp had the geeks enthralled until he started izetizing his nouns to get his power verbs.
by ke6isf December 10, 2004
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Portmanteau of "Jackass" and "Asshole".

Originated as a name by radio personalities Kevin and Bean (from KROQ-FM in Los Angeles) as a way of calling somebody a nasty name without actually breaking FCC edicts against foul language.
Darl McBride is a jackhole for trying to sue the Linux community for something he doesn't own.
by ke6isf November 26, 2003
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Originally an ad hominem attack against Jane Curtin by Dan Akroyd on Saturday Night Live during Weekend Update. At that time, it featured a "Point/Counterpoint" in which Jane made one point, and Dan would prefix his counterpoint with this phrase.

More recently, it has become sort of a ha ha only serious opener to such a counterpoint on Usenet, typically used amidst flamewars.
Jane, you ignorant slut! You know this needs no example!
by ke6isf May 09, 2004
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